How are Dorian preps going?

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I hope you've gotten started on your storm preps for Hurricane Dorian.

If you're wondering how mine are going, I tried to buy gas last night and the gas station was only accepting cash, so I literally only bought $4 worth. Better than nothing, right? Anyway, I'm here to help you do better than me.

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Latest track

Dorian has strengthened to a Category 3 storm and is still taking aim at Florida, with the latest track showing it reaching a Category 4 before making landfall. Get a look at the latest track and models to keep up with the storm's development.

Particularly dangerous storm

In a video he tweeted Thursday evening, President Donald Trump said Dorian could be an "absolute monster," and that's because it's not your typical storm. That's also why we're encouraging you to take these warnings seriously. See the list of reasons why Dorian is particularly dangerous.

Types of evacuations

As the storm nears Florida, government officials are offering more information about potential evacuations -- both mandatory and voluntary. Do you know the difference between the two? When should you stay and when should you go? Trooper Steve breaks it all down here. 

Seek shelter

If you do need to leave your home and you don't have plans to stay with a friend or family member, shelters will likely be an option, depending on where you live. Counties are still releasing details on specific shelter locations, but here's what we know so far.


Obviously, we're here to help.

☎️ Hurricane hotline

As we always try to do during a major hurricane, News 6 is holding a phone bank hosted by a panel of experts who are ready to take your questions, beginning Friday evening. Get the number for the hurricane hotline to ask your hurricane-related questions.

💻 Ask our meteorologists

We also want to give you guys the chance to talk to the people who are monitoring Dorian for us nonstop, which is why we're hosting Q&A sessions with our News 6 meteorologists. Leave your storm questions here and our experienced team of meteorologists will chime in to reply.

📺 Watch News 6

Of course, our producers, reporters and anchors are also doing everything they can to bring you the information you need. If you lose power at any point and don't have access to your TV, make sure you have this link bookmarked so you can access our live newscasts. That way, you won't miss a thing.

We've also got everything you need to prepare for Dorian and to stay informed during and after the storm at ClickOrlando.com/Hurricane.

Savings while staying safe

FYI - I've been a little worried about how much money I might have to spend on hurricane supplies and we thought some of you might be, too. So we went out today to see how many essential items we could buy for $100 -- and we were pleasantly surprised. The story will be up on ClickOrlando.com soon so check it out if you're interested in saving while preparing to stay safe. Of course, you can find our hurricane checklist there, too, to get started with your own shopping.

Did I forget anything? Email me at BVolz@wkmg.com if you think of any other way we can help. Stay safe!

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