Dorian extending long weekend?

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Still of live satellite footage of Hurricane Dorian.
Still of live satellite footage of Hurricane Dorian.

You probably didn't picture yourself spending your long weekend preparing for a major hurricane, did you?

It's nothing to celebrate, but I'd say many of you probably aren't going to work Tuesday. Am I right? 

Don't worry, I'll still be working -- in fact I'll be sleeping here -- which means you'll still be getting your daily newsletter.

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Latest track, models

Hurricane Dorian remains a very powerful Category 4 hurricane and is crawling on its path toward Florida's coast after slamming the islands of the Bahamas. Get the latest track and models for the storm to see its projected path.

Dorian's local impacts


Dorian's outer bands are expected to arrive in Central Florida before we know it, with hurricane-force winds following soon after. Find out how else Hurricane Dorian is expected to impact Central Florida and how soon.

Dorian's damage

Before heading toward Florida, Dorian is expected to continue its slow crawl from the Bahamas, where it unleashed massive flooding. There's been so much water there that authorities are urging people to find floating devices and grab hammers to break out of their attics if they need to. Get a look at the heartbreaking video coming out of the Bahamas as a result of the storm.

Central Florida evacuations

As the storm inches closer to Florida's coast, officials are ordering evacuations in some counties. If an order is in effect for your county, do you know your evacuation route? Find out everything you need to know about Dorian-related evacuation orders.

Central Florida shelters

If you are looking to evacuate ahead of Dorian but don't know where to go, consider checking to see if shelters have opened near you. Browse our full list of shelters in Central Florida.

Live Instant Pinpoint

Our ClickOrlando.com team has been streaming nonstop between all of the news conferences from state and local officials, live updates from our reporters and meteorologists, updated tracks for Dorian and much more. To make sure you don't miss any of the latest streams, keep our Live Instant Pinpoint page handy to get them all in one place.

We're doing our best to keep you up to date on all things Dorian, including school closures, transportation changes, trash pickup schedules and everything else you need to know at ClickOrlando.com/HurricaneDorian

Is there anything you're curious about that you don't see answers to on our site? Let me know at BVolz@wkmg.com and I'll do my best to get you the info you need.

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