What's the deal, Dorian?

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If you're tired of hearing about Hurricane Dorian, I totally understand -- because I'm tired of talking about it.

But unfortunately, the storm is still spinning, which means it's our job to make sure you get the information you need to stay safe, so here we go.

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Latest track


The good news here is that Dorian has finally picked up speed and is heading northwest at 5 mph -- quick, I know. As of now, Florida appears to be out of the storm's cone of uncertainty, but it is still a Category 2 hurricane very close to our coast, so we obviously need to keep an eye on this thing -- and we are, constantly. Get a look at the latest track and models for Dorian.

Dorian's eye


We were worried for days about Dorian making landfall here in Central Florida, but some more good news: we're going to dodge the eye of the storm, according to our News 6 meteorologists. Here's why they say it won't hit Florida.

Pre-Dorian Florida

The storm spent so much time just pounding the Bahamas and it still is as it crawls away from the islands. In the meantime, Florida is seeing some impacts of its own. See these nine powerful photos from the Sunshine State as Dorian lingers offshore.

Post-Dorian island

And now for some bad news: We're finally getting a better understanding of how the devastating weather conditions Hurricane Dorian has brought to Grand Bahama have affected the island. See the striking before and after satellite images that show much of the island under water.

More Dorian damage

As if those images weren't devastating enough, we're also finally seeing pictures and videos out of the Bahamas that paint a heartbreaking picture of just how much damage Dorian has already done. Get a look at some of the social media posts showing the storm's aftermath.

How to help

After seeing some of that aftermath, you may be wondering how you can help -- and we're here to help you do that. Browse our list of ways you can help Hurricane Dorian survivors and share it.

Power outages

As Dorian churns closer to Florida's coast, it's possible we could get an increase in power outages. If you lose yours, do you know what to do? Here's how to report outages in your area and get updates on them.

Got school?

As Dorian's path has changed, school schedules have, too. Do you know when your child is set to return to school? If you're in school and you've had a few days off, do you know when your school is inviting students back to campus? Click here to find out how long yours or your child's school could be closed due to Dorian.

Who's ready for this to be over? Me. Want to talk about something other than Dorian? Please, let's. Email me at BVolz@wkmg.com. Oh, but before we do that, here's a stunning look at Hurricane Dorian from space.

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