The update we were all hoping for

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 9/19/19

Photos of the WKMG TV tower a man climbed outside News 6's studios on Sept. 18, 2019. (Image: Jeff Segers/WKMG)

If you read Wednesday's newsletter, you know about the delicate situation that unfolded in the News 6 parking lot.

I have a great update to that story, so let's start there.

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Man talked down from TV tower

It was a long day as we all waited to see what would happen  to the 43-year-old man who climbed up the 400-foot tower outside our TV station. After eight hours atop the structure, crisis negotiators were able to talk the man safely down to the ground. Though it's hard to imagine what may have driven the man to scale the tower in the first place, this is the best outcome we could have hoped for. Look back on the full timeline of events to see how it all unfolded. And thank you to everyone who wished him well yesterday. ❤️

Gunmaker halts AR-15 production for civilians

Officials with the gun manufacturing company Colt announced its decision to suspend the company's production of rifles for the civilian market, and the move has many people talking. Learn more about what sparked the decision and whether the move is expected to be permanent.

Checking in on the tropics

I take a day off from focusing on the tropics and now they're clearly acting up for attention. A new hurricane and four other systems? I mean, come on. How desperate can they look? In all seriousness, models show Hurricane Jerry staying away from us for now, but we're obviously going to continue to monitor it in case of any changes -- you know how these storms can be. See what else is happening out there and whether any activity could affect Central Florida.

Instagram blocks body-shaming content

If you follow any celebrities, reality TV stars or other influencers on social media, I'm pretty sure you've seen posts promoting diet pills that "seriously work," or weight-loss or cosmetic procedures that "will change your life." Yeah, we all have. So much so that Instagram is taking action to prevent underage users from seeing content of that kind. Learn more about the new policy Instagram is rolling out and where else you could soon see similar changes.

I have new dinner plans for you

If nothing else is going right this week, here's one thing that is: Whole Publix chicken tender subs are on sale -- and there's nothing a discounted dinner that you don't have to cook can't cure. Am I right? Get all the details you need on the deal to cancel your current dinner plans. 😋

Speaking of dinner plans, I have yet to take advantage of any Magical Dining Month deals and I really want to before it's too late. If you've been anywhere that you loved during the event, please send recommendations my way at 🍽️