Seen more of your man the last 24 hours? Here's why

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 10/14/19

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Or at least, I have. Thanks, Fortnite!

At least 10,000 people may still be searching for their Fortnite-loving loved one, considering that's how many people, at last check, were still staring at the black hole that's been streaming the last 24+ hours. If that's you, check the game room. 

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🎮 'The end' of Fortnite?

Was I the only person woken up Sunday afternoon by their Fortnite-playing fiancé yelling about the game just suddenly ending? If you also heard the yelling at your house and didn't know what happened, this is it. The game just faded to a black hole and has been streaming the same screen for more than 24 hours now, which, as I mentioned before, could be why you've seen so much of a certain someone lately. Is Fortnite gone forever (Don't jump for joy just yet, all you significant others out there)? Here's what we know.

🚡 Disney's Skyliner reopens

Who's ready to ride? After being closed for more than a week following a malfunction that left some guests stranded in the gondolas for hours, Disney's Skyliner system has reopened. Find out what Disney officials are saying about its reopening and what updates are still to come. 

🐻 They're out and they're hungry

File photo.

And I'm not talking about me. According to a report, Florida's black bears are on the move searching for high-calorie snacks to help pack on the pounds for the coming winter months, so keep an eye out for ramped up bear activity. Can you guess how many calories a bear can eat a day? Click here to find out.

Also, has anyone told these bears we live in Florida? If you ask me, it sounds like they're just looking for an excuse to eat a little more than usual -- which I totally support.

🧀 Say cheese!

Then check your refrigerator to throw this one out, because Publix has announced a recall of it, saying it could contain foreign material. Ew? See the type of cheese recalled and which dates are included in it.

✏️ ACT retake: Helpful or unfair?

Remember that awful standardized test that we took in high school after months of prep classes and workshops? You know, the ACT? And then, remember how we could completely nail three sections and bomb the fourth and our score would totally suffer? Well, the ACT is making a change that may help students with the same problem. Find out the new retake option available to testers and tell us what you think of it.

😎 Sunny Columbus Day

Obviously this is not a holiday I get off from work, but if you were lucky enough to, you got some beautiful weather this Columbus Day. Get a look at the full forecast to see how long it will last.

If you're curious as to what exactly all those Fortnite-lovers are staring at, here you go. It's really nothing more than the black hole I described. Any Fortnite players in your house you've seen more of the last several hours? How are you spending all the extra quality time? Send ideas (and prayers) to keep my dear fiancé entertained until the game does or doesn't return to 🙏🏻

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