Who's hitting the dive bar tonight?👢

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 10/16/19

I'm not asking if you have plans to hang out at just any old dive bar on a random Wednesday night.

I'm asking if you were one of the lucky ones who got tickets to see country legend Garth Brooks tonight in Sanford. If you are, I hope you're reading this newsletter from the bar's parking lot, 'cause I hear that place may already be packed.

Country music not your thing? Stick around, there's plenty of other things we need to talk about.

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🤠 Blame it all on his roots

1997: Garth Brooks plays a free concert in New York's Central Park. In May of 1998, the New York Fire Department would officially announce the final attendance numbers at 980,000, making it the largest concert ever held in Central Park.

I don't really know if people even use the term "dive bar" anymore, but Garth Brooks still does. In fact, he's bringing his Dive Bar Tour to The Barn, a bar right here in Central Florida. Only a lucky few had the chance to win tickets to Wednesday night's concert. Yours truly was not one of them, so let me know if you need to borrow my boots. Find out how some lucky fans got their hands on some much-wanted tickets.

🇺🇸 Democratic debate recap

How rude of me. I started talking about tonight's big event before I even recapped last night's: the Democratic presidential debate. I don't see how I forgot, because, oh, boy, was it intense! Did you miss all the action? Catch up on the biggest moments with this list of key takeaways.

🚬 Florida vaping investigation

Attorney General Ashley Moody is over this whole young people vaping thing. Amid her tour of some Florida schools, Moody announced a statewide investigation into vaping companies doing business in the state to see if their marketing or selling tactics are targeting young people. Get the details on the announcement and a look at the number of vaping-related deaths and illnesses reported so far.

🎒 Mental health days?

It seems like we all could use one every now and then, and a new bill would allow Florida students to take them. Find out why Florida leaders say the change could lower suicide rates.

🌕 Getting to the moon ain't cheap

That's probably why NASA leaders asked lawmakers for $1.6 billion Wednesday to help fund the agency's moon mission planned for 2024. Hear the case leaders made for their budget request and learn more about the goal to get humans back to the moon.

🏍️ Break out the bikes

Daytona Beach's 27th annual Biketoberfest is back, and 125,000 bikers are expected to roll through the event this weekend. If you're one of them, here's all the traffic and safety info police want you to know before you go.

🍂 Fall, is that you?

Before you break out the bike, though, you'll probably want to check the forecast. No one likes a wet ride, you know? Maybe you're not a biker, but you're a fan of fall weather? Click here to find out why I'm teasing to cooler temperatures. 😉

What do you guys do when the weather finally cools down a bit? Break out the flannels? Carve a pumpkin? Send me your favorite fall traditions at BVolz@wkmg.com so I can get in on the fun. 🎃