Who invited you, Nestor?

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 10/18/19


Hello there, Nestor. Not so nice to meet you.

I don't know who told you to swirl in Florida's direction, but I don't think anyone is looking forward to your arrival. Can you guys back me on this?

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🌀 Tropical Storm Nestor

Here you have it, folks. Tropical Storm Nestor has officially formed in the Gulf and is taking aim at Florida. Stay up to date with the system's movement by checking out the latest track, satellite and models.

⛈️ How will Nestor impact me?

I imagine that's what you're wondering, right? After all, between UCF's homecoming and the Immerse art festival, it is an event-filled weekend in Central Florida. As usual, News 6 meteorologist Jonathan Kegges is breaking it all down for you. See how the storm will impact where you live.

👩🏽‍🚀 HERstory in space

Two NASA astronauts made history on this Space Friday by conducting the first all-female spacewalk at the International Space Station. How cool is that? President Donald Trump thought so, too. Find out what he said to the women in a congratulatory call to space.

🐛 Venomous puss caterpillar returns

They're hairy and scary and they're back in the Sunshine State. One Florida woman took to Facebook to document her scary and painful encounter with a venomous puss caterpillar, saying it felt like someone was drilling into her bones. HECK. NO. Read her terrifying story and share it to warn others.

🛒 Where shopping is a pleasure

Publix knows how loved it is by its loyal customers, and now, the grocery store chain is giving shoppers the chance to show off their passion for Publix with a whole new merchandise line. Why just eat Pub subs when you can wear them? See the latest fashion Floridians will surely love.

🌅 Did you see the sky this morning?

We know a lot of Central Floridians did because they sent us some stunning sunrise shots showing off that vibrant red sky, but I wonder how many of them knew the reason behind the colorful clouds. Once again, thanks to our smart and talented meteorologist, Jonathan Kegges, many Central Floridians -- including this one -- learned something new today. Find out what the sky's colors were trying to tell us.

Were you up to see the sunrise this morning? I was up before it, since I've been on the morning shift all week. If you were able to snap a picture, I'd love to see it. Send me your stunning sunrise pictures at BVolz@wkmg.com.

Have a great and safe weekend, everyone. Don't forget to download our Pinpoint Weather app to stay weather-aware in case things get dangerous.

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