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I won't judge you if you break out your favorite sweater and trendy fall boots after reading this, because I already have.

I know 70-degree weather is a typical fall day in other places, but it's really something to celebrate in Central Florida -- so let's.

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🧥 Cooldown coming soon

Temperatures on Tuesday felt hotter than the gates of hell, so overnight lows dipping to the 70s Wednesday are honestly going to feel magical. Get the full forecast to start planning your fall-themed outfit. Pro tip: Layers are key, because it probably won't take long for you to start sweating again.

💻 Can I borrow your Netflix password?

Who hasn't asked or been asked that question at some point? Well, Netflix says it's on to all of you password sharers out there. What's the streaming service planning to do about it? Read what company officials are saying.

🎆 Disney making morning magic

A parade is held at Magic Kingdom to celebrate the undefeated UCF Knights.
A parade is held at Magic Kingdom to celebrate the undefeated UCF Knights.

You may not have to set your alarm Thursday, because Disney fireworks could wake you up instead. The Magic Kingdom is testing its holiday fireworks show bright and early. Find out when so you can either arrange to get earplugs or enjoy a free show.

🍎 New apple to debut in stores

I'm not talking about fancy tech products. I'm talking about a crispy, flavorful, juicy red apple. While I don't think anything could shake my loyalty to Honeycrisps, I do think I'll have to give Cosmic Crisps a try. Find out when you can expect to see the new apple variety in grocery stores near you.

🎶 You're the one that I want

And you're the one John Travolta needs to join him and Olivia Newton-John for a special "Meet 'N' Grease" sing-along event this December. The two are even holding Q&As for those who attend. Get the details on when and where the events will be held, and how you can get tickets.

👻 This is scary as 'sheet'

Excuse my language, but my goodness. What one mom saw on her baby's crib monitor would have been enough to send me running to another state. Instead, she braved what appeared to be a ghost baby and got a pretty dang good laugh after learning what it really was. Now, the internet is, too. Find out what was actually in the crib and share this spooky story.

Do you have any ghost stories? I wan't to hear them. Send them my way at Bvolz@wkmg.com. Unless they're, like, really scary. You can share those with someone you don't like -- because I'm a huge baby.🙈

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