Baby, it's fall outside


I know that's not how that song goes, and we're 54 days from Christmas, but it finally feels like fall in Central Florida. After the hottest October on record we're starting November off with a nice cool down, and I'm here for it.

It's been a busy week, let's dive into Friday's trending news, shall we?

Brrrring on the cool air

The first of two cold fronts moved through Friday morning, bringing a few showers with a 20% coverage of rain and a chance for some patchy fog. Another front will bring another round of cooler air by Sunday. Click here for your full weekend forecast.

Did you update your iPhone?

If you have an iPhone 5 or older, you might not be able to read my daily emails unless you update the operating software on your phone soon.

Apple warned users of the iPhone 5 and older models that their devices will no longer connect to the internet unless they download iOS 10.3.4 by midnight Saturday.

Speaking of deadlines...

Daylight saving time goes into effect Saturday, meaning we're all going to need to get used to the time change.

This time of year, daylight saving time isn't terribly difficult to adjust to as people tend to get more sleep. But falling asleep, or getting used to the adjusted daylight hours, could pose its own challenges.

Here are some tips to help you deal with the time change.

'Tis the season! Already?

A new study found that people who put up their Christmas decorations early are happier. I wholeheartedly agree because here at News 6, we decorate early every year for Angel Tree and it brings a little extra cheer around the station.

What about you? Do you decorate as soon as Halloween is over or what until the night before Christmas?

A critical test of Boeing's astronaut capsule is happening Monday

Boeing and SpaceX are working toward certifying their astronaut spacecraft to fly NASA crew, which means lots of testing. On Monday, Boeing will demonstrate its Starliner capsule's abort system -- in case something goes wrong mid-launch -- and plans to stream the test.

We'll share that stream on ClickOrlando.com starting at 9 a.m. Monday, but in the meantime, get up to speed on NASA's Commercial Crew Program with this awesome infographic here. You'll become the space expert everyone needs in no time!

Looking back, it seems like today's newsletter is less TGIF and more to-do list. In review, change those clocks, update your phone, and enjoy the cool weather. Lastly, have a great weekend!

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