I'll tell you something sweet🍬

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 11/4/19

I know you were looking for something to pick you up on this dreary Monday. I think I've got just the thing.

It has nothing to do with the fact that elections are taking place, but that's also something you should know, so let's start there.

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🗳️ Know before you vote

You may have already known because early voting has been an option in some Central Florida counties, but if not, I'm here to tell you: Tomorrow is the big day for the 2019 elections. Find out what races, if any, are taking place in your county and where to cast your vote.

🚀 A success for space exploration

Boeing conducted a very important abort test on the astronaut capsule of its Starliner spacecraft Monday morning and, despite some hiccups, the company is calling it a success. See what went wrong, what went right and what it all means for the future of spaceflight.

🐔 It's baaaack

If you've been on the internet the last two days, you probably knew what I was talking about before even explaining what "it" is. If you've driven past a Popeyes restaurant, you definitely know what "it" is. I'm talking about the return of the Popeyes chicken sandwich -- duh! Will the fast-food chain be able to meet the demand this time around? Find out what the chain predicts and keep Popeyes employees everywhere in your thoughts. 🙏

🏈 Heup'd up on rumors?

If you're a UCF football fan freaking out about rumors swirling that coach Josh Heupel could leave the university for the coaching gig now available at Florida State, I have some news that may -- or may not -- make you feel better. Hear how Heupel himself is responding to the rumors.

Fronts bringing rainfall

Guys, how beautiful was this weekend? It only took us a few extra weeks, but it actually felt like fall in Florida. I hope you enjoyed that little cooldown, because a series of fronts is bringing some changes. Get the full forecast to see what's on tap.

🍭 Sweet whispers

Look, I also started a "diet" today, but today is National Candy Day, there's still Halloween candy sitting in my house and, well, I'm only human. 🤷🏻‍♀️ With that being said, I won't judge you if decide to "start tomorrow," cheat and enjoy a sweet or two today. If you actually have self-control and prefer to celebrate this holiday without the calories, put your candy knowledge to the test with this quiz instead.

HELP ME! 🎄 I'm starting a petition to put our Christmas tree up, like, now, so I need your support. OK, I'm not actually starting a petition, but if you have any holiday decor up that would help me build my case when presenting it to the other members of my household, please take photos for proof and send them my way at BVolz@wkmg.com -- unless you're one of those who thinks it's still too early for holiday decorations. In that case, email me anyway so I can convince you otherwise. 😇