Alexa, stay away from windows

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Usually you have to ask your smart speaker if you want it to do something, but if you have it in the wrong spot, anyone might be able to gain access to it.

Alexa isn't the only voice assistant this can happen to, either.

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🔊 Hide your smart speakers

Many of us have Alexa or Google Home in our kitchens and bathrooms, which is totally fine, as long as no one with a laser is peering through a nearby window. If that's the case, researchers say that person can take control of your device and potentially do a lot of damage. Find out what other virtual helpers can be hacked with the help of a laser and how you can protect yourself.

Not yourself this week?

It could be because the time change is ruining your brain, according to a study. Basically, the study found that switching on and off of daylight saving time messes us up for several months, not just the days surrounding the one-hour clock adjustments. See the science behind the findings and how else the time changes can affect your health.

🌬️ Rain, rain, go away...

...Because once you leave, a cooldown comes our way. What do you think of that remix? Find out if it's true by checking the full forecast (it is).

Spiritual scavenger saved

It didn't take a miracle to save a vulture stuck on the steeple of a Central Florida church, just a few brave firefighters. Hallelujah! Now, the vulture is recovering at the Audubon Center for Birds of Pray -- I mean Prey. See how the bird was saved -- literally -- and share the rescue.

📖 Another to-do list item for couples

If a newly filed bill is signed into law, engaged couples in Florida will have one more thing they have to do before they can say "I do." Find out what the proposed law would require and tell us what you think of the idea.

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