You can't sell THAT on Craigslist 😲

News 6 Now 4 p.m. newsletter -- 11/21/19

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There are a lot of strange things on Craigslist but this one might take the cake. In fact, the posting is so bizarre I'm hoping it's a joke.

You can go ahead and try to guess what the ad was about but I doubt you'll even get close.

Still, you can mull it over while I dish out some of today's top headlines. 

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✈️ Double-check your carry-on

The last thing anyone wants is their holiday travel to be delayed or canceled, but if you try to bring a high-capacity magazine onto a plane, you better bet that you'll be added to a no-fly list. Recently, Transportation Security Administration agents said they found two high-capacity magazines hidden in a stuffed baby toy and, in a separate incident, an incorrectly loaded gun hidden in a woman's chest area at Orlando International Airport. Click here to make sure you know the rules for traveling with guns and ammunition.

🐨 Sad update on the internet's favorite koala

I cry at everything, so you know the viral video of the koala being rescued from a massive wildfire in Australia had me balling. Now, everyone with access to the world wide web is struggling to keep it together after learning Lewis was euthanized because his burns were not improving. Still, it's not over for the koalas. Find out how you can help the species.

🦃 Turkey Day giveaway

OK, let's get back to some uplifting news before I lose it at my desk (it's so hard to keep a smile on my face when my best friend Bri is still out sick). In the spirit of the holidays, Pendas Law Firm gave away thousands of free turkeys to the Central Florida families who need it most. See what the recipients had to say after receiving their birds.

🚶 Strollin' on the river

Any Tina Turner fans out there get the pun? Let's just say I'm proud of it and this piece our producer put together of the best places to walk, run and stroll in Seminole County. The article includes parks, scenic trails and other picturesque routes where you can enjoy all the beauty the area has to offer. Check to see if your favorite spot made the list.

🌞Sunny with a chance of wonderful weather

If there was any day to enjoy the outdoors, it was today. The region experienced a frigid start this morning but highs reached the mid-70s by the afternoon. If you were stuck inside today at work, the good news is the rest of the week is slated to be near-perfect, as well. Get the full forecast from Troy Bridges.

👶 Back to that Craigslist ad

Someone posted a listing on Craigslist offering to sell a newborn baby for $500 and now, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating to determine whether the poster was serious. The ad claimed the baby is two weeks old and sleeps through the night, which sounds suspicious in and of itself. What infant doesn't wake up at least a few times in the early-morning hours? Read the rest of the odd details for yourself.

So, did you correctly guess what the ad was about? I'm betting you didn't. Email me at to let me know what you thought the posting was actually about.

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