Happy launch-day eve!

Image courtesy: Dan Jones.
Image courtesy: Dan Jones.

We're less than 24 hours from one of the last launches of 2019 and the first flight of Boeing's astronaut capsule has been delayed.

Hi, it's Emilee Speck, WKMG's resident space reporter, and I'm prepared to get you up to speed on upcoming liftoffs and today's top stories.

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🚽 How many bathrooms do you really need?

A Winter Park philanthropist who has purchased a $200,000 ticket for a private spaceflight wants to build what would be one of the largest homes in the nation, according to a report.

The house, however, would be less than half the size of the 90,000-square-foot Versailles mansion that Westgate Resorts owner and billionaire David Siegel and his wife, Jackie Siegel, are building in Isleworth.


🚀 SpaceX launch and Boeing's new launch date

There are still a few opportunities to enjoy a Space Coast rocket launch before the end of the year.

First up, SpaceX is planning to make a supply run to the International Space Station on Wednesday afternoon. What's onboard you ask? Several dozen "mighty mice" as part of a muscle and bone loss study, more experiments and supplies for the astronauts living on the ISS. I break down all the details on the mice and the launch here.

Next up, Boeing is now targeting Dec. 19 for the first launch of its astronaut capsule, a two-day delay. I'm bummed because the original liftoff time was 7:47 a.m. Get it? Like a Boeing 747 jet? *Insert crickets for my nerdy joke here*


🤼‍♂️ Are you ready for more wrestling?

Leaders in Orange County have approved $125,000 in funding to help bring two major World Wrestling Entertainment events to Orlando: WWE's SummerSlam and Survivor Series.

In April 2017, Orlando hosted Wrestlemania 33. According to an independent study commissioned by WWE, the week's worth of events brought an economic impact of $181.5 million to the city.


⛄ 9 places it ‘snows' around Orlando this holiday season

Sorry to all the snowbirds and people who came to Florida hoping to never experience snow but I've got some news for you: It snows in Central Florida. Well, sometimes and on a schedule.

If you are missing the snow, here are nine places you can experience some flurries around the Orlando area.


Just how long will this cold blast last? Asking for me.

Speaking of cold weather, how are you handling this cold snap? Just remember it could be worse. ☝️☝️☝️

The coldest air of the season, at least so far, moved in across Central Florida Tuesday, with temperatures dropping into the low 30s and 40s across the region. Click here to see how long the cold will last.

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