Here's how News 6 got results this week in Central Florida

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News 6 is always working to get results in Central Florida.

From stories focused on education and health to crime and driving change in Florida's texting and driving laws, News 6 works to make the Orlando area a better place to live.

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Here are some recent Getting Results stories you might be interested in:

As News 6 continues to "Drive Change" in Florida, the state House on Thursday voted to outlaw texting while driving. A top Senate Republican, however, is blocking the measure from going to a vote.

Here's the latest:

And check out News 6 anchor Matt Austin's interview with Sen. Rob Bradley.

After the death of two Kissimmee police officers, KPD found that mingling with neighbors of a crime-plagued area and planting posts helped reduce crime. Read Erik von Ancken's story below.

Orange County Public Schools has named its Support Person of the Year. Christina Pretorius is a paraprofessional who works with deaf and hard of hearing pre-K students at Lake Sybelia Elementary School. Read Bridgett Ellison's story here:

Researchers at UCF have found a link between milk and rheumatoid arthritis. They focused on a bacteria found in about half the cows in the United States called Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis, (MAP). Check out all the study details in Kirstin O'Connor's story.

And this week's Getting Results Award winner is George Taylor, founder of National Veterans Homeless Support. Taylor and a group of volunteers have been helping veterans find permanent housing in Brevard County since 2008. Here's Matt Austin's complete story about George.

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