News 6 Getting Results: Drone helps nab suspect; 'no parking' signs coming to Avalon Park

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News 6 is always working to get results in Central Florida.

From stories focused on health, education and crime to showcasing people getting results in our community, News 6 works to make the Orlando area a better place to live.

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Here are some recent Getting Results stories that may pique your interest:

Red-light cameras have been here for almost a decade, but people are still running red lights. Now, the Ocoee Police Department is shaming red-light runners. Erik von Ancken explains how this is getting crime results.

Ocoee police are shaming red light runners on Facebook and it's working

Daytona Beach police used a drone to catch a suspected burglar. Loren Korn goes through the video, showing how the drone helped take down the suspect.

Drone helps officers nab suspect who jumped across rooftops, police say

Brevard County firefighters were honored this week for rescuing a 10-year-old from a burning apartment. They were able to quickly locate the child thanks to a thermal imaging camera. Mark Lehman talked to one of the firefighters involved in the rescue.

Brevard firefighters honored after using thermal imaging to rescue child

New 'no parking' signs will soon be installed in Avalon Park. It's a story News 6 has been following since 2016 when Russ Mozier said an ambulance had trouble getting to him when he had chest pains because of the cars parked on both sides of the street. Nadeen Yanes met up with Mozier this week to let him know, and his concerns got results.

No parking signs to be installed in Avalon Park

A team of people at Community United Outreach is making sure families don't go hungry. Kirstin O'Connor shows how the team is not only feeding people, but also trying to help solve the problem.

Nonprofit brings fresh food to hungry Orlando-area community

A Central Florida pilot is introducing kids of all backgrounds to aviation. Pilot Mike McKenzie has made it his mission. Julie Broughton takes us to Vision of Flight, the nonprofit giving students as young as 12 a hands-on experience.

Orlando pilot gives students hands-on aviation experience

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are getting results for an entire community. For six years, Charles Brown and his group Carpenter's Fishermen have been helping the homeless. That's why Brown is this week's Getting Results Award winner. Matt Austin explains how Brown put thoughts into action.

Man brings food, clothing to impoverished area of Orlando

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