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From stories focused on health, education and crime to showcasing people getting results in our community, News 6 works to make the Orlando area a better place to live.

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Here are some recent Getting Results stories that may pique your interest:

Families with children living with Down syndrome are benefiting from residents' fun night out, thanks to Visit Orlando's Magical Dining Month program. During the month of dining deals, proceeds benefit the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida. News 6 morning anchor Kirstin O'Connor had the opportunity to meet one of the families who has been impacted by the organization. Watch her story below to see how the mother of a 20-month-old boy with Down syndrome says the organization's work has changed their lives, and learn how your dinner bill could help others.

How your dinner bill can benefit the Down Syndrome Association of Central Fla.

A startup company in Central Florida is going to the next level to help people in emergency situations by working to become the first to program drones deployed by emergency dispatchers. Using a signal through cell networks, 911 dispatchers can pinpoint the location of emergency callers and deploy a drone carrying automated external defibrillators or other lifesaving medical equipment while simultaneously alerting first responders. Watch the story below to learn more about how the technology could decrease response times when seconds and minutes matter most.

Drones to deliver AEDs, lifesaving medical equipment in Orlando

Seventeen years after the deadly attacks, people across the country remembered the lives lost Sept. 11, 2001 in a number of different ways, including through a competition held in Orlando to honor the 343 firefighters killed while responding to the tragedy. News 6 executive producer Tara Evans and reporter James Sparvero formed a team and competed in the 343 Hero Challenge, hosted by Orange County Fire Rescue. Watch their experience and hear why it was personal for them to be a part of the remembrance in the story below.

News 6 team completes 343 Hero Challenge in honor of first responders killed in 9/11 attacks

After eight months, a detective with the Volusia County Sheriff's Office cracked a case and got answers for a former convenience store worker who lived through the scariest moment of her life when a man robbed her at knifepoint and left. With barely any evidence to go off of, the dedicated detective dug deeper and noticed a logo on the suspect's ball cap seen in the surveillance video from the store. News 6's Erik von Ancken talked to the detective about how that logo changed everything and led him to connecting the dots. Watch his story below.

DNA on baseball cap solves 8-month-old armed robbery case

An Audubon Park teacher is going beyond the books to help students learn important life skills. Nearly a dozen reptiles, all of which are rescues, live inside her classroom because she says it builds a community and sense of knowledge her students couldn't get from the average teaching tools. News 6 anchor Julie Broughton got the chance to see how the students interact with the reptiles in this week's Getting Results for our Schools. Watch her story below.

Audubon Park teacher uses reptiles to help students learn responsibility, compassion

An everyday hero is using another unique teaching technique to help children embrace the beauty of books. When a Goodwill employee noticed the surplus of donated books that had barely been touched, he found an outlet for them through a program that puts them into the hands of underprivileged kids. When he noticed something missing from the book events, he broke out a mask and cape and gathered some other local heroes to form a new organization and hand-deliver the books to children, making it that much more magical for the children. At the same time, he was unknowingly earning his title as a News 6 Getting Results Award Winner. Watch his full story and learn more about the organization below.

Everyday hero promotes reading with a mask and cape

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