News 6 Getting Results: Local student is newest kid reporter; nonprofit offering free mammograms

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News 6 is always working to get results in Central Florida.

From stories focused on health, education and crime to showcasing people getting results in our community, News 6 works to make the Orlando area a better place to live.

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Here are some recent Getting Results stories that may pique your interest:

The newest kid reporter for Scholastic News Magazine is a 12-year-old from Celebration. Andrew Raymundo's first article was about how pollution is destroying ocean life. Julie Broughton spoke with the kid reporter and found out why his budding career is making his dad especially proud. Watch her story here:

Celebration student becomes newest Scholastic News Magazine kid reporter

Ocala police officers are saving lives by asking addicts to come to the police department for help. They're not sending the drug addicts to jail; instead, they're going to treatment, and it's getting crime results. Erik von Ancken spoke with a recovering addict who went through the program. Watch and read his story below.

Recovering addicts turn to Ocala police for help

It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Shepherd's Hope is helping women get free mammograms with the program known as "Get a Mammogram, Give a Mammogram." Kirstin O'Connor talks with the nonprofit that is helping women who are getting the lifesaving screenings to give them.

Orlando radiology center partners with nonprofit to offer free mammograms

Sometimes the simplest things mean the world to people living on the streets. Matt Austin got to meet a woman and her granddaughter who are getting results for the homeless. Karlette "KoKo" Karras and Serenity Gary are this week's Getting Results Award winners. Watch Austin's story to see how their kindness goes beyond a hot meal.

Orlando nonprofit throws 'family reunion' for those living on streets

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