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Did you miss some of your favorite newscasts from this past week? Or maybe you need see what all was trending on Below is a list of big stories as well as a recap of this week's interview on "The Weekly."

The importance of breast cancer awareness & flu shots

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - a time to show support and wear pink, but it also serves as a reminder to get necessary screenings. It's also the beginning stages of flu season. News 6 anchor and health reporter Kirstin O'Connor has done several stories on breast cancer awareness as well as flu awareness. She sat down with News 6 anchor Justin Warmoth on "The Weekly" to talk about how viewers can get results. 

Markeith Loyd found guilty in murder trial

It took a jury less than five hours to find Markeith Loyd guilty of first-degree murder in the death of his ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon. For a recap of the trial as well as Loyd's hourslong testimony, click here

Dog dies in custody of animal services

Darryl Remson told News 6 - an Orange County Animal Services officer came to retrieve Scoop, an American bulldog, around 6:30 p.m. Monday, because he had to be quarantined. At about 8 p.m., the officer noticed the dog was having a seizure in the work vehicle, in which he'd been picked up. Remson says the officers told him about his dog's death, but offered no excuse. He told News 6 - he wants justice for his dog

Excitement Earth and in orbit for NASA

It was a big week in space news. NASA showed off its new moon spacesuits - while also announcing  the new head of human exploration. In space, two female astronauts carried out the first all-female spacewalk. For a recap of those stories, click here. 

Man wrangles gator in pool with bare hands

Pond or pool, alligators like their water. And when one showed up in a Parkland swimming pool, Paul Bedard decided to take matters into his own hands, literally. 

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