The Weekly Newsletter: The status of voting rights restoration

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Good Sunday morning,

In need of a recap of what made headlines last week? Below is a list of big stories and a recap of this week's interview on "The Weekly."

Amendment 4: One year later

In November 2018, Florida voters passed Amendment 4 with intention of automatically restoring voting rights to most felons, but as News 6 anchor Justin Warmoth addressed in his interview with the president of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, many ex-felons are dealing with roadblocks

Family: Vaping blamed for son's death

Kyle Boyd's family said the 28-year-old went to bed and never woke up. A report from the medical examiner's office shows the hospital staff believes vaping was a factor to Boyd contracting pneumonia. Recently, News 6 investigated how students are vaping in plain sight at school and at home. 

Field of Dreamers? Magic co-founder wants to make MLB happen in Orlando

Central Florida has been home to MLB spring training, but it's never had a professional baseball team to call its own. On Wednesday, Orlando Magic co-founder Pat Williams introduced a concept of the Orlando Dreamers. Now he needs the Central Florida community to rally around the idea.

Oviedo has the highest rent costs in Central Florida

Despite a building boom, a major I-4 construction project and signs of population growth, Central Florida has an affordable housing crisis. Anyone looking for a house or apartment to rent knows it can be a struggle. According to a recent report, Oviedo is the most expensive city in Central Florida. To see what other cities were included on the list, click here. 

Hawk freed after getting tangled in Topgolf net

Sky 6 flew over Topgolf on Universal Boulevard on Wednesday, as crews work to rescue the bird. Employees told News 6, they were even forced to turn away guests. The hawk was treated for its injuries and then released a day later. To see video of that release, click here

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