Former heroin addict calls Vivitrol 'miracle drug' that helped him kick addiction

Addicted inmates in Orange County Jail on waiting list to get into program

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – For Kevin Yantosh, kicking heroin has been a month's long process that began with a monthly routine.

"With the monthly injections of Vivitrol, it definitely helps with your opioid receptors and your cravings," Yantosh said.

Vivitrol is a drug that blocks the cravings and the high from heroin and other opioids.

Even if someone uses while on Vivitrol they feel nothing according to Yantosh. "I have not had cravings in months, since I started the shot and it definitely is a miracle drug," he said.

Dr. George Ralls is the Deputy County Administrator for Health and Public Safety in Orange County.

The county recently started a Vivitrol program for addicted inmates in the Orange County Jail.

Ralls believes the program is a success. "There's a waiting list to be in this program," Ralls said.

But Ralls take issue with the drug alone being seen as a cure-all. "This is not a miracle drug," he said.

"It's possibly a miracle process."

Ralls said for Vivitrol to work, the user has to be ready to quit and the the drug has to be coupled with an addiction treatment program.

Having family and social support is crucial according to Ralls.

"And then all of that together comes out to look like a miracle, its just not the drug by itself," he said.

Yantosh is in a program and has the support of his family. He wants others to know.

Vivitrol has worked for him. "People need to know about it because it could really help you and your family."

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