Most pet owners not aware of overall dental health issues

Small steps at home can prevent big problems

(hans peta/SXC)

ORLANDO, Fla. – Most pet owners are unaware of the dental needs of their family pets. By using professional prescription veterinarian dental diets and using these foods 80-100 percent of their diet, you can reduce plaque and tarter on your pets teeth.

Regular veterinary exams to check the level of dental disease is very important. If a pet does have dental disease then a professional cleaning under anesthesia in required for successful treatment.

Small breed and a few large breeds such as Greyhounds and standard Poodles are predisposed to severe dental issues. Severe rot in teeth can lead to rotting of the jaw bone and serious nasal sinus abscesses.

Check with your veterinarian for a dental plan that is right for your pet. They can suggest proper foods and treats that will also help keep your pet in good health.

Mark your calendar for February, which is National Pet Dental Month.

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