Sad story of abandoned dog to have happy ending


DOWNEY, Calif. – A heartbreaking tale of a dog abandoned and mocked by its owners will end up having a happy ending.

The sad story of Zuzu the dog began on Thanksgiving when she was taken to a shelter after being found wandering the streets of Los Angeles.

When her owners came to the shelter on Sunday, Zuzu sprang to life and "lit up like a Christmas tree" and began wagging her tail excitedly.

Unfortunately, the owners looked past Zuzu and chose another dog to replace her.

The Daily Mail reports workers said Zuzu, who's name is actually Princess but was renamed at the shelter, had become depressed.

Despite Zuzu being obedient and well-behaved, workers added that it seemed as if Zuzu's owners did not wish to be bothered with caring for her.


The worry was that Zuzu would be put down after being left behind, but she is now headed to a No Kill shelter in Canoga Park where people have already inquired about adopting the German Shepherd-Belgian Malinois mix.