Marion County Animal Services searching for woman who threw cat into woods

Authorities say cat is in their care and the investigation is ongoing

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – A ​Marion County man is working to get results for a cat he said was left for dead on the side of the road.

David Lapole told News 6 he pulled over Monday when he saw a woman throw a cat into the woods.

"We saw a young lady at her trunk throwing something into the trees," Lapole said.

Lapolesaid he wasn't sure what the woman tossed into a wooded area off 33rd Street in Ocala until he drove up on it seconds later.

He found a cat in a black crate surrounded by blankets, towels, and some toys.

"She made one statement to me and drove off," Lapole said. "She said, 'You deal with it then'." 

Lapole took pictures of the vehicle she drove off in. He said he is hopeful they can help investigators get results and track her down.

"I really just wanted to make sure the cat was safe," Lapole said.

Marion County Animal Services is looking into the incident. Authorities told News 6 the cat is under their care and they are actively investigating the incident.

Lapole calls himself an animal lover and said he doesn't know what kind of person could do something like this.

"You can go to the Humane Society, you can go to a shelter, you can drop your cat at the vet," Lapole said. "You can't just throw your animal into the trees and think it's OK." 

He said he hopes the woman will be found and held accountable for her actions.

"Whatever that may mean ... I don't know if it means criminal charges or just a fine and ticketing," Lapole said. "Just hold her accountable so she doesn't do it again."

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