Kissimmee woman begs for return of emotional support dog

'I refuse to accept that she's not coming home'

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – A Kissimmee woman is devastated after her emotional support dog escaped her home a week ago and hasn't been seen since.

The dog is not only known in the neighborhood, but is famous in its own right. The beautiful brown and white Siberian husky with two different colored eyes even has her own Instagram account with more than 9,600 followers, and has even appeared on national TV.

"I don't think its settled in my brain that she's not here, "  Connie Zuniga said. "I just keep waiting for her to come back."

Zuniga contacted the Kissimmee Police Department on June 12 after the tracker collar she had on the dog all of a sudden stopped working.

The police report said Zuniga advised the officer that her brown and white Siberian Husky named Khaleesi appeared to be traveling farther and farther away and was last tracked to 9063 County Highway 545 in Winter Garden, nearly 30 minutes away.

The Kissimmee Police Department is sharing the dog's picture and Zuniga's quest to get her back on its Facebook page. But so far, the department has not received any leads. Several people have shared the post on their social media accounts in an effort to spread the word.

"She's my love; she's my heart,"  Zuniga said. " I can't understand why anybody would take her. She has a collar on with her name and her number and a GPS. You know she belongs somewhere."

Zuniga has already contacted all her neighbors and posted the number to the Kissimmee Police Department on an Instagram page she created for her therapy dog titled, TheKhaleesiSnow. She is just praying Khaleesi finds her way home or that  someone recognizes her dog and contacts police.

"She has to come home. She licks my tears at night,"  Zuniga said. "She's with me every day. She's always by my side."

Zuniga said someone tried to take her dog before but that Khaleesi managed to break free and find her way home. She hopes and prays the same thing will happen and that Khaleesi somehow makes it back home.

"She has to come home," Zuniga said. "I refuse to accept that she's missing. I refuse to accept that she's not coming home."

Anyone with information about the dog's whereabouts is asked to call the Kissimmee Police Department at 407-846-3333.