Pet Alliance resumes adoptions after dog flu outbreak

Orlando officials say illness has been contained

ORLANDO, Fla. – After an outbreak of the H3N2 dog flu virus was reported in late June, with dozens of dogs confirmed to have the illness, the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando decided adoptions needed to halt.

But after a couple of weeks of fighting the illness, officials said adoptions at the shelter on Conroy Road are starting up again.

After dealing with symptoms such as coughing, nasal discharges and a loss of appetite, officials decided adoptions needed to stop.

With the infection getting so severe in some cases that dogs needed to be cared for at a veterinary hospital, owners of recent adoptees were contacted and offered free vaccines to stop the outbreak from spreading. 

Having impacted over 30 dogs at the Orlando location, officials now say the virus has been contained and that adoptions can start up again. 

With dogs at the shelter having already been vaccinated, shelter officials now just hope they can find homes for all of the brave dogs who managed to get past the illness.