Drivers warned after dog falls out of moving car

Video captures pet skidding on tollway in Australia


EastLink, a Melbourne, Australia, tollway, recently issued a warning to pet owners after video recorded a scary and dangerous situation.

Video captured by one of their more than 200 cameras in east Melbourne shows the moment a dog fell out of a car window. 

“After landing on the road surface, the dog skidded a considerable distance before standing up and wandering around," said Doug Spencer-Roy, spokesman with EastLink. 

The video appears to show traffic quickly coming to a stop, and it appears the owner rushes to get their dog.

“The dog was OK and extremely lucky. Remarkably, the dog survived the jump from the car and then narrowly avoided being hit by three or four cars," Spencer-Roy said.

EastLink hopes the video will serve as a reminder that when traveling with a dog, make sure the windows are not open too much so the dog can't jump out. 

The incident was immediately detected by a video-incident detection system and was monitored for safety from EastLink’s control room. Within just a few minutes, traffic was flowing again.

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