You know you want to adopt this 41-pound cat

Flabby feline embarks on weight loss journey

Barsik the 41-pound cat. Photo courtesy of Animal Care Centers of New York City.
Barsik the 41-pound cat. Photo courtesy of Animal Care Centers of New York City.

NEW YORK – Barsik the 41-pound cat is looking for a forever home with someone who will give him lots of love and a healthy diet, but first, he'll need to slim down.

Barsik was recently dropped off at Animal Care Centers of New York City where he proved to be too bulky to fit in any of the shelter's kennels. He has since been scooped up by Anjellicle Cats Rescue, Inc., where the 5-year-old domestic shorthair is now on his way to shedding some of his extra chunk.

Because this is 2019, Barsik's weight loss journey is being documented on his very own Instagram account.

The foster mom has been posting regular updates to the aptly named @BigBarsik reguarly, showing the black-and-white butterball's food preferences and mannerisms as he adjusts to the new environment. According to one recent post, Barsik will be going to his first veterinarian appointment on Friday with the goal of devising an effective diet.

Shelter officials told The New York Daily News that Barsik and his housemate, 13-pound Sukie, were dropped off by someone who was moving and could no longer care for the pets. 

Once cat's calorie counting pays off, he and Sukie will be available for adoption. For perspective, Barsik is about 25 pounds heavier than he should be.

In the meantime, Anjellicle Cats Rescue, Inc. has set up a fund to pay for Barsik's care here and Sukie's care here.

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