Disney cast members adopt dog that was shot in the face

Chance finds forever home

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – A dog that was found shot in the face in Lake County is getting a second chance now that he's in a new forever home with two Disney cast members.

Lake County Animal Services announced on its social media accounts Wednesday morning that Chance had been adopted just a little more than a week after the 3-year-old pit bull-Lab mix was found bloody and wounded in the front yard of a Fruitland Park home.

Pictures showed a gash under the pup's left eye, which veterinarians at the shelter determined was from a bullet that entered and exited through his face.

He was placed on antibiotics and pain medication, and now, his wound appears to be mostly healed.

A picture posted Wednesday shows Chance sitting between his new owners, two young women wearing Animal Kingdom uniforms. 

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Officials said Chance was neutered and underwent surgery to stitch up his wound Tuesday morning and he went home with his new owners later that evening. 

"We're so happy to report that Chance is now with his furever family," the post read. "The 3-year-old lab, who had been found shot in the face, was adopted by two Disney cast members, and they all lived happily ever after."

Lake County Animal Shelter director Whitney Boylston said she's happy that Chance has connected so well with his new owners.

“We make a commitment to recover and find proper placement for every animal in our care whenever possible. We are overjoyed that Chance has found such a wonderful family,” Boylston said.

It's still unclear who shot Chance. Anyone with information is asked to call 352-343-2101.

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