Police want to know who dumped a trash bag full of kittens in Port Orange

Veterinarian caring for kittens


PORT ORANGE, Fla. – Port Orange police say they're looking for the person who dumped a garbage bag full of kittens at a park.

A passerby found the kittens Sunday morning at a park on Canal View Boulevard this weekend and immediately called animal control services.

The man said he heard meowing sounds coming from a trash bag so he tore it open and found six kittens inside.

Police said the bag contained two black and white kittens, one tortoiseshell kitten with an injured tail, one black kitten, one calico and an orange and white kitten. Their eyes were all opened but they did not appear to have teeth yet. 

They were all wet and cold to the touch, according to a police report.

Police said a veterinarian is caring for the litter of kittens. Their condition is unknown.

Anyone with information about the incident can call animal control officer Jennifer Macsar at 386-506-5836 or email her at jmacsar@port-orange.org.


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