Some animals seized from Edgewater home available for adoption

Sugar gliders, birds cleared for adoption

One of three pairs of sugar gliders seized from an animal hoarding situation up for adoption. (Image: Edgewater Animal Shelter)

EDGEWATER, Fla. – Some of the hundreds of animals seized from an Edgewater home earlier this week have been cleared for adoption, according to the Edgewater Animal Shelter.

Three people were arrested Sunday after police said three children, ages 8, 9 and 10, and 245 animals were removed from a home in the 2700 block of Royal Palm Drive.

The children were removed from the home by the Florida Department of Children and Families and were placed with a family member, officials said.

Meanwhile, the Edgewater Animal Shelter has taken on caring for the neglected animals found living in the animal hoarding situation. Officers said the animals were flea infested, some had mange, and did not have food or water in their cages.

The animals included cats, dogs, bearded dragons, rats, mice, hamsters, bunnies and groundhogs, according to the report.

On Friday, animal shelter staff said in a Facebook post some birds and sugar gliders were cleared by veterinarians for adoption. 

"These pets are coming from a unique situation and many will need special care," the animal shelter said. "Experienced adopters and fosters with the different species we have will be considered first, all adopters must have an established relationship with a veterinarian and home checks may be required."

The sugar gliders are $175 a pair and, according to the shelter, must be adopted in pairs. There are three pairs of sugar gliders.

The birds up for adoption include cockatiels, Quaker parrots, sun conures and ringnecks.

Anyone interested in adoption can submit an application here.

Melissa Hamilton, 49, Greg Nelson, 57, and Susan Nelson, 43, face three counts of child abuse and 66 counts of animal cruelty, according to police.

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