Dog survives trip lodged in car grill after being struck

White poodle-mix travels 11 miles in grill of Toyota sedan

An animal control center in Rhode Island is looking for the owner of a dog that survived an 11-mile ride from Massachusetts to Rhode Island after being struck and lodged into the grill of a car.

The East Providence Animal Control Center says the white poodle-mix made the trip in the grill of a Toyota sedan.

According to the Taunton Gazette, the driver was traveling about 50 mph when the white female dog ran into the road.

The driver hit the brakes and after not seeing the dog and continued on his route, according to the newspaper.

It wasn't until the driver came to a stoplight when another driver told him the dog was wedged in the front of his car.

According to animal control officials in East Providence, the dog suffered a concussion and a possible minor rupture of the bladder but is otherwise doing fine.

The paper reports the dog was wearing a collar at the time when it was hit and hopes the rightful owner of the animal can verify the description of the dog collar.