EP 101: Florida Foodie -- The community aspect of food

Candace Campos, Lisa Bell host new podcast

ORLANDO, Fla. – Welcome to our brand new podcast, Florida Foodie. Our hosts, News 6 anchors Candace Campos and Lisa Bell, take turns exploring the big picture of food.

Food is part of our traditions and cultures,and it impacts our health, our economy and all of our communities. So, Florida Foodie is giving you some food for thought, taking a closer look at how what we eat and how we eat it impacts us here in Florida and what it means for everyone, everywhere. 

On our first episode, we are focusing on the community aspect of food.

The Space Coast Seafood and Music Festival is coming up in Central Florida.

It's four days of music and fun and, of course, food. But this festival is a whole lot more than the sum of its parts. It's going to bring together thousands of people from across the state and the country, giving them a chance to try fresh, seasonal seafood caught by local fishermen and prepared right in front of them.

To tell us more about the festival, how it comes together and what it means for everyone involved, we sat down with Giles Malone from Space Coast Daily, who is also the chairman of the festival.

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