'Ride Along with Trooper Steve:' Why you can't turn right on red at certain intersections

Trooper Steve invites Bill, of Apopka, to ride along with him

APOPKA, Fla. – In this week's "Ride Along with Trooper Steve," News 6 Traffic Safety Expert Steven Montiero invites Bill Miller for a ride through Apopka after he asked a question about an intersection there.

Trooper Steve breaks down what he and Bill discussed during their ride.

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"Ever come to an intersection and wonder if you were allowed continue through the red light? 

Well, Bill Miller, of Apopka, recently reached out to me with some questions concerning the intersection of Rock River Road and Kelly Park Road. Bill specifically asked if he was allowed to make a right on red at that intersection while he was traveling east on Kelly Park Road. 

Together, we paid a visit to the intersection as I explained its setup.

'You see, Kelly Park Road makes a hard right curve,' I told Bill as we traveled the road together.  But it does not make an actual 90 degree right-hand turn.

Bill was confused about his options because the stop light happens right at the point where the road curves to the right, which in many cases would allow drivers to legally turn right on red. But traveling east to south there means you are only traveling along a curvature and not an actual right turn. 

There is no sign at the intersection that tells drivers not proceed right on red because that is never allowed in those types of intersections.

Bill also wants to go through the light because he says it takes too long to turn green again. He estimates it takes 20 seconds or more to change. I told him that he just has to wait it out, but that I would contact the city of Apopka and see if they could adjust the timing of the traffic light.

After the ride, Bill understood why drivers aren't allowed to go through the red light there, and he'll now feel safer knowing how it works.

Thanks for your question, Bill. I was glad you got to ride along."

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