Ride-along with Trooper Steve: Thornton Park's Summerlin Ave. confuses drivers

Summerlin Avenue drivers yield for pedestrians, otherwise don't need to stop

ORLANDO, Fla. – This week, a resident of Thornton Park went on a ride-along with News 6 traffic safety expert Steve Montiero, and they discussed a high-traffic intersection in the popular downtown Orlando neighborhood that confuses many drivers.

Thornton Park is a small area just east of downtown Orlando that has great restaurants, local shops and a weekly community art and wine walk.

"I know for me, when someone brings up the community of Thornton Park the last thing that comes to mind is heavy vehicle traffic," Montiero said. "But longtime resident Dan Moro has a gripe that many residents of the area may agree with."

That gripe is the intersection at Summerlin Avenue and Washington Street.

"This area has an extremely high volume of pedestrian traffic and the intersection is equipped with many warnings signs," Montiero said. "From flashing yellow lights to yellow warning signs instructing drivers to yield when pedestrians want to cross."

Moro said the problem is that drivers traveling north and south on Summerlin Avenue come to a stop or yield at the intersection even when there are no pedestrians wanting to cross. This causes major delays all along Summerlin Avenue.

"After Dan and I took a tour of the area, it was pretty obvious that local drivers have developed almost muscle memory to stop here," Montiero said.

There are no stop signs on Summerlin Avenue.

"Dan and I both agreed that if we can get drivers to understand that if there are no pedestrians trying to cross Summerlin Avenue, then please don’t stop at the intersection," Montiero said. "Continue traveling, use caution in the area and let's enjoy Central Florida."

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