Ride-along with Trooper Steve: How to safely travel through toll plazas

Toll plaza rules can confuse some drivers

ORLANDO, Fla. – This week, News 6 traffic safety expert Trooper Steve Montiero invited Mike, from Kissimmee, for a ride down State Road 417 to discuss things to be aware while driving on one of Florida's many toll roads.

"When it comes to avoiding anything in Central Florida, avoiding our toll roads is pretty much close to impossible," Montiero said.

Thousands of cars pass through Florida's toll roads every day, creating the environment for potentially serious traffic conditions. Mike said he has seen drivers back up while inside a tollbooth and switch lanes abruptly after finding themselves in the wrong lane.

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"We have to remember that these tolls are operated by real people around the clock," Montiero said. "The speed limits are not suggestions in these areas."

If a SunPass or E-PASS logo is in a lane, any driver who has a toll transponder on their car can drive through that lane.

Montiero said out-of-state drivers and those without transponders do have an option other than darting across lanes of traffic if they find themselves in the wrong lane. The toll authority for that area will bill by mail  based off the registration of the car's license plate.

"Now I’m not saying that you’re allowed to run tolls whenever you want, because that can ultimately lead to bigger fines and traffic citations," Montiero said. "What I am saying is that if you find yourself in the wrong lane and your attempt to get into another lane would cause for a dangerous situation, then don’t do it."

Florida tolls are equipped with some of the best technology compared to anywhere else in the United States, according to Montiero. 

"As long as we are paying attention, slowing down and using common sense we can all make our toll plazas that much safer," he said.

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