Trooper Steve: Here's how to merge

News 6 traffic safety expert rides along with News 6 viewer


ORLANDO, Fla. – Merging in traffic can be a daunting task, but it would help if everyone understood the rules of the road.

Trooper Steve rides along with News 6 viewers in an effort to share their experiences while traveling in Central Florida and help others along the way.

Carol, of Orange City, recently asked Trooper Steve to address the merging problem, so he rode along with her on a commute into Orlando, where she frequently visits.

"We traveled south on Goldenrod Road to State Road 408 and west toward downtown Orlando," Trooper Steve said. "The merge lane located there is a two-part merge, which allows drivers extra time to put distractions aside and pay attention."

Drivers should focus on a few specific things when merging, Trooper Steve said.

"First and certainly most importantly, get up to speed," he said. "It is just not practical to think you are going to be able to slide into someone’s else’s lane as you are doing 30 mph in a 55 mph zone."

Trooper Steve said merging issues can often cause tempers to flare.

"Second, merge when it's available for you, not when it’s convenient for you," he said. "This could be your chance to avoid a slowdown and may have been the easiest way. And lastly, turn signals are there for you to use."

Letting another driver know that you're merging is not only the law, it's the polite thing to do. 

"I asked Carol if there was anything she wanted drivers to know from her point of view. She said, “All the cars around you are just as important as you are. They are someone’s mom, dad, brother. We have to be patient." 

Well said.

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