No safety rules at Monster Jam? Not the case, Trooper Steve says

News 6 traffic safety expert rides in Grave Digger Speedster

ORLANDO, Fla. – For this week's "ride along," I took to the dirt with Monster Jam.

Being a little kid at heart, I was beyond excited when I hopped in the passenger seat of the legendary Monster Jam truck, the Grave Digger.

Behind the wheel of this year's Grave Digger was Tyler Menninga. Although I was dreaming of riding in the main event truck, it only has one seat and that wasn't going to be very practical.  So, Menninga brought out something just a tad smaller, the Grave Digger Speedster.

The speedster was filled with custom made safety equipment specifically to ensure the operators safety. From a custom head mount to an extensive harness system, this speedster was more than just an ATV.

Menninga said that Monster Jam is dedicated to safety. In reality, I think most people want to see the rollovers and destruction of those big trucks but there's a lot that goes into putting on a show and it was pretty obvious Monster Jam does not take safety as a joke.

Watch the full ride along in the video player at the top of this story.

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