Here's how you know when you're driving too close in traffic

Avoid rear-end crashes with these two easy tips from Trooper Steve

ORLANDO, Fla. – Ever catch yourself tapping on the brakes because you think the person in front of you is going too slow? What if I told you that you might be problem?

With Central Florida's attractions and beautiful weather there are a lot of people on the road here, all of the time, creating more traffic. If drivers took some steps to make themselves more aware on the road maybe they could reduce some of the most avoidable crashes.

Step 1: Keep your distance

It may not be convenient for everyone, but driving with a two to three cars length distance from the car traveling in front is always a safe practice.

Although dangers can come from all angles, when drivers pay more attention to what’s happening in front of them, they can avoid the most likely at-fault crashes: the infamous rear-ender.

Step 2: Know when you're too close

Drivers should know they are following too close when they can’t see the rear tires of the car in front of them. Keep your space. Everyone likes their own bubble.

We have to be able to react all the time, at a moments notice. You are the only person in control of your car, period.

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