Parking at Orlando airport is only an issue if you make it one

News 6 viewers Ride Along with Trooper Steve

ORLANDO, Fla. – This week's Ride Along brings me to Orlando International Airport, where thousands of visitors and residents travel through every day.

With so many cars in and out of the area, you would think parking would be a problem.

For those who know me, it's the little things that need to be fixed in order to solve bigger problems. But when it comes to the airport, parking is definitely not the issue.

OIA has three large parking areas, and that does not include two waiting areas where travelers can park, rather than pulling over on the shoulder. 

Parking on the side of the shoulder on any road creates a dangerous situation. On airport property, there are signs clearly posted “Stopping for Emergency Only."

The airport posts the signs for two major reasons: It's dangerous and could lead to a crash and it's a huge security risk for the Orlando Police Department and the Airport Authority.

Some people argue that they are just waiting for their approaching flight. Well, the airport has waiting areas with restrooms and is patrolled frequently by law enforcement. 

Show up on time, drive safely and remember: Just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t make it wrong. 

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