Trooper Steve finds out what's going on with Baldwin Park U-turns

News 6 traffic safety expert answers viewer questions

ORLANDO, Fla. – So many intersections, so many rules.

Danna, of Baldwin Park, is frustrated and wants to know who has the right of way at the intersection of Colonial Drive and Maguire Boulevard.

Danna says when she's traveling south on Maguire Boulevard approaching Colonial Drive and is given a green right turn arrow, drivers traveling east on Colonial Drive often make a U-turn, traveling directly in front of her. 

So I took a drive to the intersection to see what's happening, and here's the bottom line: If you're one of the drivers making that U-turn onto Colonial Drive, you're 100 percent in the wrong.

In fact, there's a "No U-turn" sign clearly posted in the median.

Drivers traveling south on Maguire Blvd trying to go right, well, you're in the right.

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