Those lines on the road are safety zones

Trooper Steve conducts a Ride Along

ORLANDO, Fla. – In my latest Ride Along, we discuss safety zones on roads.

Safety zones are those white-lined areas marking where merge lanes converge into the main flow of traffic.

I guarantee you’ve seen them, and I am 100 percent sure that you've seen people drive over them.

But why are they there, and can you be ticketed for driving through them?

A safety zone is designed to provide a buffer for drivers entering onto main travel lanes, allowing you, as the merger, to gradually become one with the main flow of traffic.

Too often, we see impatient drivers cutting through these zones just because they see an opening. Make no mistake, this is wrong and definitely not safe.

Driving through these areas can land you a pretty hefty fine, too. A ticket could result in a $160 penalty, with points on your driver's license.

There's a reason for every rule, and this one is pretty important. Keep your car in its travel lane, and we ultimately will prevent crashes. 

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