What to do if red light takes too long or is not working properly

Trooper Steve conducts Ride Along

ORLANDO, Fla. – Trooper Steve conducts Ride Alongs every other week, helping Central Florida residents learn the rules of the road.

Mike, of Orlando, asked, “You’re stuck at a red light, or you've be been sitting there for what you believe is a little too long, and think it's possible the light is not working properly. What do you do?”

"First, sometimes our perception of what time really is may not be what it actually is, so I always encourage people to wait an extra minute or two because that light might cycle," Trooper Steve said. 

Trooper Steve said drivers should then try "rocking” their car, slowly coming off the brake then reapplying it.

"This might allow you to trip the sensor on the ground that controls the traffic light," he said.

Trooper Steve said drivers should never proceed through a red light that is controlling an active intersection.

"Isn’t the point of all this to avoid a crash?" he said. "A safer alternative to all this is finding a better route. I recommend making a right turn from that intersection. Ultimately, this will allow you to avoid that traffic light and make a U-turn down the road, getting you back on your way."

Here are some phone numbers to call if a light is not working properly. 

  • Orange County: 407-836-7900
  • Osceola County: 407-742-7500
  • Seminole County: 407-665-7623
  • Lake County: 352-343-6439
  • Brevard County: 321-690-6877
  • Volusia County: 386-822-6422