Trooper Steve explains problem with camping in left lane

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ORLANDO, Fla. – When it comes to driving in Central Florida some of the same stuff drives all of us absolutely crazy.

I know we live in a great state and camping is fun, but camping in the left lane is the wrong place. Almost seems here in Central Florida it’s a requirement.

When driving on any major highways in Central Florida, drivers should be on their A game, which includes knowing which travel lane to be in.

Riding in that left lane causes more frustration than you think. Not only are you affecting the car behind you but it pretty much becomes a chain reaction.

A lot of first responders will also use that left lane in order to bypass traffic during routine or emergencies calls. 

There have to be a place for traffic to go and when you’re riding in that left lane parallel with other cars you may be the one ultimately causing the slowdowns on the roadway.

Be aware, be mindful of what’s going on around you. Eliminating the distractions in the car allow you to remember to pass and then get back in the right lane.

Impeding the flow of traffic in Florida is a moving violation and could cost you points on your license. Teaching yourself to keep right eliminates so many issues in the long run.

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