Involved in a minor crash? Get out of travel lane, says Trooper Steve

Drivers should relocate to avoid causing further crashes, traffic

ORLANDO, Fla. – There is not a morning that goes by where we don't see something on the traffic cameras that makes us wonder, “Really?” 

Something I wish we wouldn’t see are drivers involved in minor crashes who choose to stop in a busy travel lane after the crash, which can result in a backup for miles. 

Many drivers involved in these minor crashes are under the impression they have to keep their car right where the crash occurred. This is not only a common misconceptio,n but sometimes potentially dangerous. 

For example: If you’re driving down I-4 and suddenly you find yourself in a crash in a travel lane first, check yourself and the passengers in your car. If everyone is OK, then attempt to make contact with the other driver involved. After you have determined that there are no injuries, turn your attention to the cars. Are the cars driveable? If both cars are driveable, there are no injuries and the placement of your vehicles is located in an active travel lane of any highway, it is 100% OK for both drivers to move to a safer location.

I always say you have to do your best to stay calm. This will allow you to know exactly where you are so you can notify authorities of your new location. Keep in mind other people may have already called, so knowing where your crash happened and where you are relocating to is very important. 
The ultimate goal here by moving these minor crashes off the road is to stop a secondary crash from occurring and to keep traffic moving.

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