Here's when you're required to stop in parking lots

Combination of stop signs, stop lines can be confusing

ORLANDO, Fla. – Stop signs and painted stop lines are often seen in shopping center parking lots, but it can be confusing for motorists to know which ones they are required to obey.

Well first, the signage is there for a reason. All traffic needs to be controlled, even in a parking lot. If you live in Central Florida, you'll likely agree that traffic needs as much control as possible. 

So what do you do? Sometimes there's only a stop line, sometimes there's just a stop sign, but othertimes there is both. The rule is you need to stop if you see one or both. 

Whether it's installed by a local government agency or a property owner, the signage was placed there specifically to control traffic for a safety reason and in return, you are required to follow the instruction.

But can you be ticketed for not following the signs? The simple answer is yes and no. Not that simple, I know.

There are different laws and different agreements between law enforcement and private property owners allowing police to enforce traffic in a private lot.

This limits an officer's enforcement ability but does not stop them from finding other laws like “careless driving” statutes in order to cite a driver who feels like disobeying these traffic signs. 

The key to remember is these signs were not placed there randomly or to inconvenience anyone. They were placed to control traffic safely so that you can shop or travel safely. 

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