Ride Along: Trooper Steve discusses railroad safety

Trooper Steve offers safety tips

ORLANDO, Fla. – Over the last year with the introduction of the SunRail system, we have seen a spike in crashes.

Many of the crashes are absolutely avoidable. Knowing where and when to stop for a passing train is in one of the first steps in avoiding a crash.

Just like at an intersection, there are stop bars on the roadway indicating where you are required to stop. Not stopping at the required locations put you at risk of being in the way of the train. 

Railroad tracks are not public property, nor do they have any area where they have public access.

Taking a shortcut that includes anyone crossing anywhere where it is not indicated as authorized is technically trespassing, and pedestrians can be fined or worse, seriously injured. 

Have you ever been scrolling the internet and come across creative photos that consist of people posing on the railroad tracks?

Although these may make for great memories, you are basically hanging out on someone else’s property in order to take pictures. This is illegal and simply not the place for any type of hanging out or recreational activities.

We are all in charge of safety. Whether on the tracks or riding around, the Florida Department of Transportation encourages everyone that if you see something, say something.   

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