Celebrities, guests, well-wishers celebrate royal wedding

People congratulate new Duke, Duchess of Sussex

WINDSOR, England – Anticipation quickly turned into celebration in Windsor on Saturday, as people congratulated the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


As "A" list celebrities and royal guests filled up St. George's Chapel, more than 100,000 well-wishers anxiously filled the streets outside Windsor Castle.

"This is my hometown and just to see it come alive. The atmosphere is absolutely buzzing and just to be part of it; it's so special and it's such a honor to have everyone over in Windsor to celebrate this amazing day," said Abbas Sardar of Windsor.

Many people dressed up in decorative hats and painted faces in honor of the monumental occasion that blended two countries together.

"It's a nice experience because you won't see it before. It's the first time ever seeing it. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity," said Coral Quelch of England.

Once Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot, the crowds cheered from the tops of buildings down to the packed streets as they watched the couple ride through town in an open top carriage.

"I loved her dress. It was really nice," said Ellie Todd of England.

"It's so exciting to see so many people coming together for such an event. I mean, I've never been to anything so packed in my life," said Katie Gross of New Jersey.


After the ceremony, the party continued, with many people enjoying the beautiful weather on the castle lawn. Other partygoers celebrated with drinks in hand.

"We're celebrating with everyone else because it's so close. It was such an easy thing to do. And we loved it. And we've been drinking," said Anton Kelly of England.

Police also patrolled the area to make sure everyone behaved themselves.

"It's calm, lots of families. I like to think, even just for one day, yeah, the public can behave themselves and this is just one of the most special days," said Police Constable Thomas Reeves of Oxford.

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