Why Wood?

French Parquet  Palace of Versailles
French Parquet Palace of Versailles

As you look through flooring options for a remodel or new build you will be presented with a multitude of choices. Here in Florida, tile is a top-seller and luxury vinyl is a newer product that has taken a leap in market sales in recent years.

But as you’re searching through your options, however, you may notice one thing that almost all flooring types have in common – they almost always make flooring to look like wood.

But WHY?

Wood flooring has a long history. Dating back to the 1600s – French parquet – this amazingly detailed flooring option was only affordable to the wealthiest of homeowners. As the “diamond” of the flooring industry. Even then, the look was “copied” by those who could not afford the craftsmanship. Rather than creating the look with wood, they simply painted the floors so they appeared to have a parquet pattern.

Imperma Wood – Black Walnut

Ever since – the flooring industry has been creating and re-creating products to look like “wood.” The natural look and feel of wood simply has an intrinsic value to consumers looking for new flooring. With that said, the maintenance and wear of wood doesn’t work for all homeowners – which is why the industry has created products that look like wood with different features and benefits.

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Legni Exotica – Ibira (Wood-Look Porcelain Tile)