Inside the largest exhibition of life-size, moving, museum-quality dinosaurs in North America

Jurassic Quest is America’s largest and most realistic dinosaur event.

Guests who attend will walk through the Cretaceous period, the Jurassic period and the Triassic period and experience what it was like to be among dinosaurs of all kinds.

Jurassic Quest is the only dinosaur event that has true-to-life size dinosaurs. From the very small to the gigantic, sky-scraping dinosaurs that can only be seen at these events, Jurassic Quest has more than 80 true-to-life size dinosaurs in each of its two touring shows. In collaboration with leading paleontologists, each dinosaur was painstakingly replicated in every detail. Whether their prehistoric counterpart had skin that was scaly, had feathers or fur, Jurassic Quest has spared no expense in bringing this realism to life.

In Jurassic Quest’s Dinosaur World, the dinosaurs roar and move. Some even walk around. At a Jurassic Quest event, there’s a sometimes-blurry line between visitors watching the dinosaurs and the dinosaurs watching them!

At Jurassic Quest, you’ll meet and interact with baby dinosaurs and adolescent walking dinosaurs.

The baby dinosaurs love to see and play with our guests. They’ve been known to grab baseball caps right off unsuspecting children’s heads, nibble at their shirts and even pose for pictures. Turns out, even when they grow up a little, they still love the attention. Like the dino babies, the teen and preteen walking dinos love to play and maybe prank guests, as well!

In addition to the lifelike dinosaur exhibits, there are many attractions and activities for all kinds of dinosaur fans. Guests can dig up fossils like a real paleontologist, they can ride on the back of a huge 24-foot T. rex, or the spiky, overgrown Carnotaurus, among others.

There are countless dinosaur-themed rides throughout the event, including inflatable mazes, huge slides and the multitrack dino bungee pull.

Jurassic Quest has a dinosaur petting zoo where little ones can pet dinosaurs that are more their size. Little questers can even do crafts and explore dino science stations, visit the fossil area in the dinosaur museum and see real dinosaur fossils dating back more than 60 million years.

Whether they are big or small, young or old, guests have a dino-mite time!