Holy Land Experience excited to debut new musical about David

Daily shows chronicle life of great historic leader

When many people study the Bible and think of David, they naturally think of him using a slingshot to slay Goliath.

While that was no doubt one of the most memorable moments of his life and one of the most iconic examples of an underdog rising up to beat a seemingly overwhelming foe, there certainly was more David accomplished.

For those who want to learn more about David, the Holy Land Experience is now offering a daily musical chronicling his life.

Titled, "David: The King of Jerusalem," the show illustrates David's life, from his young days as a shepherd to him rising up to become king of Israel.

The musical, created by internationally renowned directors Robert and Elizabeth Muren, will run daily from Tuesdays to Saturdays through Nov. 23 and is included with park admission.

"He became a great King of Israel and held the nation together as one over a long period of time," Robert Muran said. "God gave him certain promises, that also pointed forward to the coming Messiah of Israel, that would be his descendant.

The show features live singing and lyrics from the Book of Psalms as it talks about David's journey and his intimate relationship with God.

"The life and story of David truly reflects God's grace in a wonderful way," Muran said. "Despite Saul having the external position of an established royal structure, God focused rather on the internal matters of the heart, and chose David to be his king, even while Saul still was king in the natural. Despite David's weaknesses and grave sins later in life, the personal and intimate relationship with the Lord was an important part of his life and legacy that still speaks volumes to our time."

For more information, visit the Holy Land’s website.